Of late, I have been thinking of a concept I call the Congruent Square (or Rhombus for the math-purist) to better explain to founders why some of them are struggling with hitting product market fit (PMF).

Defining the Congruent Square

Congruent Square says there has be a broad alignment /…

An innocent google query around the origins of the term ‘product-market fit’ sent me down the internet rabbit hole a few nights back.

‘Product-market fit’ (or PMF hereafter) is a seminal concept in startupland. It is considered as a turning point in the life journey of every successful startup, and…

Andy Warhol’s $ sign paintings

Thoughts and reflections inspired by the frenzied pace of investing and deal making we are seeing in the early stage ecosystem in India, and specifically the trend of traditionally later stage investors playing early.

Two, or maybe three types of capital

All money in venture capital is not similar. We can distinguish between

  • Nailing Capital: money required…
The Ratification of the Treaty of Munster, Painting by Gerard Ter Borch (1648)

The title of this piece is of course a play on The Peace of Westphalia, the name for the two treaties signed in 1648 between various delegations representing the micronations and provinces of Europe. The Peace of Westphalia brought into being the concept of the sovereign nation state. One that…

Game Plan by Matlo, Darren Banone & James Blake (respectively from L to R) from the Noun Project. Creative Commons license.

On the evolution of the Indian startup ecosystem, or Indus Valley, and the distinct set of hacks and business models that have evolved to help Indian startups win — The Indus Valley playbook.

About this essay / TL;DR

This is a long essay; my longest ever at ~7k words. Still, I hope you will indulge…

A visualisation of a social network, via Wikimedia.

There are only two ways to make money in business: one is to bundle; the other is unbundle.” — Jim Barksdale, former CEO and President of Netscape.

There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Time machine

A metaphor that I have found…

Thinking of a media category I want to call ‘Nosumer Media’ (nosumer as short for no consumer). These could be books, podcasts, apps etc. They are created not for consumption as much as for the benefits from creating, or the pleasure of creating accruing to the creator.

Nosumer media creators…

Sajith Pai

‘VC’ at Blume Ventures, an early-stage fund from India | Writings on startups, venture capital & other miscellany at sajithpai.com

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